Brand Identity

How do you identify your brand, what differentiate your brand from other brand, what separate your brand from and what is unique about your brand.
Your brand is you and you are your brand.As an individual your brand is your personality in its totality without any minus.Corporate entities erroneously see there brand as there logo, font style and colour.A brand is the a complete package involving all sphere of an organisation.

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Brand Concepts

Brands tend to erroneously believe that advertising modules are globally accepted.A distinction between what,s acceptable to an Africa and what,s applicable to a European should be respected when creating and implementing an AD.Example abound were ad campaign are poorly, ineffectually conceptualized and implemented what,s applicable to different clime should be apply to those climes.

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Brand focusing

Brand focusing.

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Super brands are created by genius and perfected by GOD

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Culture and branding

Study provides clear evidence that a same brand is perceived differently in different cultures in spite of its identical positioning. This means that if a firm wishes to achieve the same brand perception in different countries, the firm needs to create brand positioning strategies that emphasize the characteristics that enable consumers to perceive the product in a similar way.

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What we do

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